Jefferson (Jake) Payton

Born: February 23, 2004


Born: February 23rd at 5:00 p.m.
Present at birth: Mom and Dad (I was born by C Section)
Weight: 6 lbs. 12.5 oz, 19" Long (Gram says I have a good set of lungs)
Hospital: Centegra Health System
Northern Illinois Medical Center

Picture Page

1 hour old.

MOM and ME

How many pictures are you going to take!

I look like my daddy!


Waiting to become a Grampa

Mom and Me on Day 3

Burping is such fun. Day 3

Me and Great Aunt Barb...We are going to be good friends. Day 3

Grampa Ray's Baby Pic 1942

Gramma Kathy's baby Pic 1946

Mom's Baby Picture 1974

Gram and Me Day 3

Gramps and Me Day 3

Dad's Baby Picture 1972

Dad's Baby Picture 1972

Daddy took these pictures. 2nd day. I'm so cute...

SMILE FOR GRAMMA - A big smile for Gramma's birthday. 3/16/2004

Holidays can be so stressful!!! My first Easter.


July 2, 2004

July 17, 2004
We had a wonderful day with Jake yesterday. At 4 1/2 months he is just an exceptional baby...very alert, interested in everything around him, and just the best personality. We went out for breakfast and he charmed the waitress with smiles. We spent a little time at his home and watched how well he can eat. This was rice cereal and as you can see, it is not one of his favorite foods. Like his grampa, he likes to use his hands to eat with so Mom has learned to hold his hand during mealtime.

Then we went shopping at Woodfield. Jake's gramma Charlie gave him some gift certificates for "Build-A-Bear" and Mom built Jake a new frog and we put sound in it. After it was finished, mom set it in front of Jake and everytime I pressed the sound, Jake would break out in a big smile and laugh. Mom then did some shopping alone and I sat and played with Jake. Another grandmother sat next to me and started telling me about her grandchildren and talking to Jake and he was just Mr. Personality. For the remainder of the afternoon, Jake, Rebecca and I went to watch grampa coach at Olympic park in Schaumburg. Jake napped for a few hours but was up for the last hour just enjoying the game, and weather. We went for dinner at Sweet Tomatoes and he was just a delight. It was a wonderful visit.

Aren't I just the cutest!!!!!! (5months old)

Jake at 6 months

Jake at 7 months

I can Play Piano at Gram
Dad loves Pumpkins More Pumpkins
I love pumpkins Eeorye 10/31/04

Grampa's Birthday 11/06/04


Great Aunt Barb 12/3/04 Santa 11/27/04 Santa Hat 11/27/04
Our Xmas Tree 12/3/04 My Family 12/04/04


JAKE'S First Xmas Day
Merry Xmas Grampa Bob, Gramma Sharon, Aunt Holly and Dad I love my Ducky Puppet Aunt Sara
This looks like fun

January Pictures:
A Mardi Gras Birthday - Jake's 1st birthday invitation Aunt Sara with my Balloon So this is Birthday Cake?
Daddy has his birthday cake Jake likes our singing Now blow!
Jake with his Aunt Sara, Aunt Holly and Uncle Nick Jake's Birthday Cake What does Daddy Have?
Jake's Birthday Pictures

April 10, 2005  I Can WALK! 4/10/05:  I love it when Gramma and Grampa visit
Jake and the Easter Bunny/ See, I can WALK

Jake at the Golf Mill Play Area. The last picture, he wanted to leave the play area and I blocked his he laid on the floor and started kicking and screaming (no tears). All the little children came over to see what the problem was so I took his picture. After the picture, he looked up at the kids, smiled and got up and went and played. They are soooo smart and he is such a sweety..

Jake's first visit to our community pool and his first time in the sprinkler in our yard. We think he thought he was at the pool again and just sat down and let the water hit him. He wasn't sure what to do, so we made Rebecca get all wet and walk him out. It was great fun and a wonderful day.


Jake the Devil...Halloween 2005.

Jake was not too happy to see Santa

Jake's 2nd Birthday and Xmas.

Jake and the swingset Grampa got for him.

Jake washing....what he loves to do most..usually we are soaked by the finish. Jake at Nancy's

This is our cat Amber who loves to jump in the drawer the minute the door is open. I have learned to check the dryer before closing the door.

Flea Market find $4.50 and hours to figure out how to put it together. When finally up and ready for play, it was time for Jake to go home. When he comes next time, it shouldn't take that many hours since we have the picture. (Jake and Gramma swinging on the swings)

Found this great park with a BIG THOMAS TRAIN as Jake says near our home. Needless to say, he asks to come to our house all the time.

A full day of play and time for a rest with Amber and the train quilt gram made me.(Kathy)

Jake and family at the Pumpkin Farm. As you can see, Jake found his pumpkin. (Kathy)

Jake's 3rd Birthday.

Xmas 2006

Hi-Ho Cherrio Jake's First Game Grampa, Jake and Boog on Jake's Car Bed Jake's first Hole in One Neon Golf at Golf Mill
Jake in his new tunnel 307

This is an advance birthday gift for Madison and Abby and the kids just loved it.  Spent hours building and rebuilding the enclosures.  Nancy's drive was a big hit.  The boys raced down the drive most of the afternoon.  Nancy picked up several ride-on's at garage sales for the little guys.

Tyler zooming down the drive. Two cool dudes:  Tyler and Jake

| Gramma and Jake Painting a picture for Father's Day. Rebecca, Jake and Grampa after Father's Day Breakfast.

June 29th at Great Aunt Nancy's and gramma's /Father's Day with Mom and Grampa 2007

Jake in the Pumpkin Patch Jake Mom and his first Camel Ride Jake and the Giant Pumpkin
Jake and MOM Jake and scobby doo? Jake the Blue Power Ranger

Halloween 2007 / 2nd picture top Jake and Mom riding a camel.

Jake Driving the Andredi Car Gramma and the Grinch - Photo by Jake
Jake driving the Andredi Car Jake and the Batmobile
Jake Family and the Simpsons Jake in the mini Flintstone Car
Jake and Mom in the Moive Flintstone Car Jake and Mom and the Gorilla
Visit to the Car Museum at VOLO. (Kathy)

Jake and his new friend Butterball. Jake: Go Blackhawks
Jake Hockey Relay
Jake's Hockey Relay. It just amazes me how good these little guys are in so short a time. They line up at the back wall. Skate to the "goal" where they have to drop and slide under it. Some go on their knees like Jake and some go down flat. Then you have to get up and skate to the cones which you have to weave around without knocking any over. At the end of the cones is another instructor seated on a chair and the skater has to push the chair with the instructor to the opposite wall and then skate back. He was so proud of himself as he passed on to the next section of Hockey. 5/22/09


5/30/2012 Are we COOL or WHAT????  06/05/2012 Jake 2nd Place Champions 03/2011
Jake and his new braces....

Jake and Duncan's Bday 022011 Jake on his Dirt Bike 053012 Jake on his bike 053005.  Amazing how fast they grow!

Jake (white helmet on the right) and the YellowJackets 2012

Jake's Picture from his Orthodontist's website 5/1/2013
Duncan wasn't too happy to visit Santa and fought not to sit
on his lap, but he calmed down in Big Brother's arms.

Mother's Day Gift 2013. My handsome little men.

Me and Mom on Mother's Day 2013. Everyone thinks we look so much alike. Enjoying Mother's Day at the Park.