A PIECE OF MARTENS HISTORY contributed by Kathleen Meason Martens:
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Top Row: Left to right: Math. Martens, aged 86; John Martens, aged 84; George, 82, Lower Row: left to right, Arnold Martens, aged 75; Mrs. Math Reynen, 72; Albert Martens, 77; Adrian (called John) 79.


The Martens Brothers and Sisters Combined Ages Totaled 555 Years. Have 134 Living Descendants.

De Pere claims as residents members of a very remarkable family. They are the Martens, Albert and Adrian, the latter better known as John. Up to two weeks ago they were two of a family of seven children who were still living. The combined ages of the seven totaled 555 years, or an average of 79 years each. This family came to De Pere with their parents in 1850, or sixty-five years ago, coming from Holland, where all were born. They resided in De Pere or immediate vicinity for many years, then gradualy scattered. The naames, residences and ages of the seven are as follows: Math Martens, Creston Ia., aged 86; John of Milbank S.D., aged 84; George of Coleman, aged 82; Adrian J., also known as John, of this city aged 79; Albert of this city, aged 77; Arnold, who died at his home in Chili, Wis., about two weeks ago, was aged 75; and Mrs. Math. Reynen of Green Bay, aged 72. Arnold Martens' death was the first among the family of children. These six brothers and sister have a total of forty children, eighty-four grandchildren, and ten great grandchildren, or a grand total of 134 living descendants. Mrs. Reynen of Green Bay has nine children and twenty-one grandchildren; John of Milbank, SD has seven children and twenty-three grandchildren, and George has eighteen grandchildren.

NOTE: this is the info from the newspaper article: However, I think that George is Girard and have put a picture of Girard up. Also, in another newspaper article from December, 1925, the article references Gerard and not George as a brother. On Mathias birth certificate, Girard could be Gerard as there is no dot for the "i".

This is the picture of Girard (Gerard) (George) taken in 1909 at Edward and Octavia's Wedding.