Girard (Gerardus)

Born: May 11, 1834 in Beugen Holland

Died: April 10, 1918 in Allouez, WI

Gerardus Martens
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Gerard Family

Marriage: Gertrude Johannson Approx. 1856 Died June 6, 1879

Hubertus William: September 19, 1857 - June 12, 1867
Mathias: November 23, 1860 - May 21, 1940
Henrica Maria (Harriet): December 23, 1865 - 23 Feb 1914
Delia (Odelia Levant): April 26, 1868 - December 4, 1944
Hendowen: November 28, 1870-Before 1918
William Hubert : November 28, 1870- July 13, 1936
John Francis (Joannes Franciscus) : February 26, 1873 - October 18, 1964
Anna G.: March 21, 1875 -
Gerard's Children:  John, Anna, Mathias and Delia
Martinus Martens' Family 1906
William Hubert Martens 1940
Girard's Children: Willie, John, Anna, Mathias, Delia
A shortened version of this same newspaper article and picture was in the Milwaukee Sentinel on January 9, 1916.

Top row: left to right, Math. Martens, aged 86; John Martens, 84; George (Girard) 82.

Lower Row: Left to right, Arnold Martens, aged 75; Mrs. Math Reynen, 72; Albert Martens, 77; Adrian (called John) 79.


The Martens Brothers and Sisters Combined Ages Totaled 555 Years Have 143 Living Descendants

De Pere claims as residents members of a very remarkable family. They are the Martens, Albert and Adrian, the latter better known as John. Up to two weeks ago they were two of a family of seven children who were still living. The combined ages of the seven totaled 555 years, or an average of 79 years each. This family came to De Pere with their parents in 1850, or sixty-five years ago, coming from Holland, where all were born. They resided in De Pere or immediate vicinity for many years, and then gradually scattered. The names, residences and ages of the seven are as follows: Math Martens, Creston, IA, aged 86; John of Milbank, SD, aged 84; George (Girard) of Coleman, aged 82; Adrian J., also known as John, of this city, aged 79; Albert of this city, aged 77; Arnold, who died at his home in Chili about two weeks ago, was aged 75; and Mrs. Math. Reynen of Green Bay, aged 72. Arnold Martens' death was the first among the family of children. These six borthers and one sister have a total of forty children, eighty-four grandchildren, and ten great grandchildren, or a grand total of 134 living descendants. Mrs. Reynen of Green Bay has nine children and twenty-one grandchildren; John of Milbank, SD has seven children and twenty-three grandchildren, and George (Girard) has eighteen grandchildren.

The bottom of the picture it says "Great Grandfather Marten" I think this was written by my aunt Mary Jean Rooper, her parents were Vere and Gen Marsh, her grandparents were Delia and August DeNoble, so her great grandparent would be Girard Marten. Gus. (Click Delia)

Text from back of Original Photo above from Marianne Martens Van Stralen Lantis

Milbank SD June 1906 (Picture that appeared in the Remarkable Family - Martens article in the De Pere Paper on January 5, 1915. This picture was taken in the summer of 1906 June at Green Bay, WI. The oldest of the family, Math Martens is aged 76 when this picture was taken and the youngest is age 63. All but the oldest came to Green Bay 1850. The oldest brother having come the year before 1849. Math Martens at present lives in Creston, IA. John Martens lives in Milbank SD, Arnold Martens lives in Chili, WI, and the balance of the family reside in Green Bay and De Pere WI where they landed 56 years ago. John Martens is in the middle of top row.

I wonder if this is Martinus
Photo from Gus Marsh

OBITURARY The De Pere News, Thursday, April 11, 1918

GERALD MARTENS died yesterday afternoon at 2 o'clock at St. Vincent's hospital where he had been for the past four or five months. The cause of death was general debility. He was born in Holland nearly 84 years ago and came to this country in 1850. Mr. Martens had lived on a farm near De Pere for many years until several years ago when he went to Coleman to make his home with his son, Matt. His wife died about 39 years ago. He is survived by three sons, Matt, of Coleman, William of Coleman, and John of Chicago, two daughters, Mrs. Aug. DeNoble, of Virginia MN, and Mrs. Dick Iben of Milwaukee, four brothers, Matt, of Creston, IA., John of Milbank, and J. Adrian, and Albert of De Pere, and one sister, Mrs. Matt Reynen, of Allouez. Mr. Martens' children will all be here for the funeral which will be held Saturday morning from St. Mary's church. The remains are now at the home of his brother, J. Adrian Martens, N. Huron Street.

Mathias Martens' Birth Record
Gerard's Death Certificate